Thursday, July 5, 2012


I goofed at the end of my last entry. I said this was going to be a movie post. It is not.  I simply had way too many kitchen adventures this week to ignore! This post was practically bursting out of my fingertips! PATRIOTIC TREAT OVERLOAD.

I spent most of this year's Fourth of July in the kitchen, and enjoyed every minute of it. While waiting for the many layers of my Flag Cake to bake or cool, however, I:
  • Watched a full two episodes of Band of Brothers and had to ask my super-mega-history-buff brother, Joseph, which war they were fighting. The look of disgust he gave me could have killed a small plant. 
  • Practically knocked my mixing bowl off of the counter when I saw both James McAvoy and Damian Lewis come on screen within the same two minutes.
  • Sigh. Attractive, talented actors in uniform.
    • Made a quick run to the grocery store. (The cake recipe calls for Baking POWDER...not Baking Soda.)
    • Chased our now 5-year-old dog around the living room, eventually tackling him and forcing a puppy birthday hat upon his head.
    • Ate half a watermelon.

      All in all, a wonderful holiday! And these recipes made it even better, I tell ya what.
    Star-Spangled Spritzer
    Adapted from Apron Strings.
    Ingredient amounts are very flexible. Especially that 6th one. Wink wink.
    You'll need:
    Star Cookie Cutter
    Fresca, Sprite, or 7-Up
    Orange Juice
    1. If you're feeling patriotic, cut a few star shapes out of large strawberries and freeze before serving.
    2. Crush or blend strawberries, blueberries, and pineapple and place two spoonfuls at the bottom of each glass.
    3. Add liquids. (Again, amounts can vary according to preference.)
    4. Add a few whole blueberries and pieces of pineapple to each glass.
    5. Add ice and enjoy!

    Flag Cake
    From 17 and Baking.

    The recipe takes time, but is so worth it! The lengthy directions can be found here, and a wonderful video tutorial can be found here. This cake is both gorgeous and TASTY. I heard all of America collectively hold their breath as I made that first cut, I swear. Will the flag be right-side up? Will the stripes be the right color? DID I REMEMBER THE BAKING POWDER?! Luckily, it all worked out. For bright white icing, omit the vanilla extract. 
    I wish you all a happy belated 4th. Hope you had a wondahful holiday!